Awards 2023

The 3M Canada Recertification Education Award

2022 Winners: Laurene Palubeskie & Shannon Foster

The 3M Canada Education Award recognizes the ongoing commitment of the Reprocessing Department Technician to continuing education. 3M believes education is a significant factor in ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care and we are dedicated to supporting the efforts of these individuals to maintain and expand their knowledge throughout their careers. The award is $600.00 to fund the MDRAO recertification course for three MDRAO members who successfully passed their MDRAO recertification exam in the education year of the conference.

The ASP Award of Excellence in Medical Device Reprocessing

2022 Winner: Mary Shane Anderson

The ASP Award of Excellence in Medical Device Reprocessing is to recognize front-line staff working in Medical Device Reprocessing. You must be a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician/Aide to apply.

MEA Health Isobel Campbell Award

2022 Winner: Stacey Gielen

The MEA Health Isobel Campbell Award is the most prestigious honour bestowed by the Medical Reprocessing Association of Ontario. It is given to the person who is judged to have made a significant contribution to the MDR Profession.

Steris Education Award

2022 Winners: Kiowa Bernhardt

The award of $1,000.oo allows the successful recipient to attend the MDRAO conference and receive an engraved memento. The winner must attend the conference. The MDRAO will cover the registration fee for the conference and one-night hotel accommodation.

Heather Mode Memorial Acart Award

2022 Winner: Jeffrey Phelps

This award is given each year to the President of the MDRAO.  Dick Flynn, President of Acart Equipment, wanted to encourage MDRAO members to get involved in executive positions and take on the role of President. He felt that this bursary of $1,000.00 would be an incentive to take on the President’s duties knowing there would be this opportunity. This award of $1,000.00 can be used by the President at their discretion.

Honourary Lifetime Member Award

2022 Winner: Candia Anderson

Honorary Lifetime membership may be bestowed upon an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association as a whole over a period of time.

The Past Presidents of the Association will be bestowed an Honorary Lifetime Membership by the Association at the completion of their term of office. Honorary Lifetime Members status shall be “Associate Member” with no fees required & no voting privileges.