Stephanie Staples

Stephanie Staples

Stephanie Staples wants companies to better utilize their greatest resource of happy and positive employees. Her duty as a keynote speaker is to help people re-engage and live their lives with purpose.

She connects with the audience easily and communicates in an authentic, direct way that people understand.

Healthcare audiences are her specialty as Stephanie is featured weekly on television, radio and in print internationally focusing on her unique motivational seminars and message that redefines the typical approach to wellness.

Stephanie has founded three businesses and is a multiple nominee for Winnipeg’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is the founder and owner of Your Life, Unlimited.

She authored two books, When Enlightening Strikes: Creating a Mindset of Uncommon Success and Your LifeUnlimited: A Guided Journal and a regular columnist for both print and online periodicals including Stephanie shares her stories, ideas and insights to benefit the masses.

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